Always evolving and growing, Cheryl believes art is a process and a beautiful story unfolding and being told over the years of experimentation, exploration, intense moments of emotion to euphoric moments of expression. Always learning, open to change and being brave have added layers to her art process. Her art journey started at an early elementary age envisioning glorious fashion shows before she even knew what they were.

Finger painting in preschool led to Cheryl’s initial artisitc bliss and set the scene for art to come. Cheryl’s artistic expression continued with sewing and designing her own clothes which led her to design for friends, fans, and other artist before creating for larger audiences. She is so grateful to be able to express artistically and create beautiful piece’s that make people feel amazing and joyful. Cheryl also creates striking wall art that lights up any room with contrasting bright layers. Cheryl has spent the last several years intensively evolving her textile and surface design skills.  This has led a path way to creating her large scale wall works of art.

She loves creating garments by batiking, dyeing, eco dyeing, using methods of shibori, hand painting, etc. She also upcycles and repurposes old clothing items into fresh wearable art. Cheryl believes there is a need to reuse what is already on this planet, and to get creative about how we can help the environment and our eARTh. As a designer she knows it is her artistic duty and honor to do what she can. Follow her journey on her website